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Using CMS Web Design, Guthrie Management creates beautiful, highly-functional sites that empower you to edit/post/update you content 24 hours a day 7 days a week on your own.  We do the hard work up-front so that your custom site is user-friendly and you'll be able to make your own posts and edits without the assistance or cost of hiring a web designer.  If you would prefer a static site, we do offer that as our most basic option and it may be right for your business, but the flexibility of CMS is often the better choice.

  • Very Low Start-Up Cost
  • Very Low Maintenance Cost
  • Custom CMS Web Design
  • Custom Website Design Colors
  • Limitless Number of Pages
  • Edit Content/Pictures Instantly
  • Built in Spell Checker
  • No HTML Knowledge Required
  • Web Standards / Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • 1 Year Free Web Hosting
  • 1 Year Free Professional Search Engine Submission & Resubmission



What is CMS?

CMS stands for 'Content Management Systems.'  The stytem is built and configured on the front-end by your web developer so that you can easily and intuitively manage your own web content.  Publishing and editing your content becomes as easy as writing an email!  No special programs or software is required, you can securely access your site from anywhere that you have internet.

Why CMS by Guthrie Managment?

Everyting we build is beautiful, modern, and high-end.

Don't get tricked into using one of the "Do-It-Yourself" web systems (such as Bandzoogle and Wix.)  You'll spend countless hours learning and tweaking - and it never really gets easy.  Worst of all, in the end your site will look generic and amatuer ... just like all the other do-it-yourselfers (not to mention, poor search rankings, poor compatibility, and a poor user experience.)  Your brand image on the web is too important to use a do-it-yourself option.  

Our sites are very affordable and the price includes everything.  No Hidden Costs.  You'll be surprised how affordable your professional, polished, and customized can be.  Guthrie Management web design includes everything.  There are no monthly fees and your hosting and domain name are included.

And if you were thinking you were saving money by going with a "Do-It-Yourself" monthly service, guess again.  You may not realize it up-front, but most web other web options will have numerous monthly fees, upgrade fees, hosting fees, and hidden fees you didn't expect.

Rely on our experience to give you the best results for the best price.

With over ten years of web design experience, we have a proven track-record and a history of happy, successful customers.

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Samples of Work by Guthrie Management:


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AtlantaCastingDirector.com Site Thumbnail



MyChefKarla.com Site Thumbnail




Hosting: 1 Year of website hosting is included for free.  Following that, hosting may be continued for only $90/year.  Or, if you prefer to manage your own hosting, you may transfer the site to any host of your choosing.  The site is, and always will be, your property to do with as you please.

Support:  Full support is included to ensure the continued functionality of the site as it was designed.

SEO Services:  Professional SEO services are included to ensure that your site ranks on the search engines quickly. 


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